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Become a Certified ICC B1 Residential Building Inspector

Few businesses or professions offer such a great opportunity, with minimal investment, as a building inspector.
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Inspection requirements becoming mandatory. Problems in the savings and loan industry are forcing bank examiners to scrutinize every loan record and application.


Most banks require approved inspectors and appraisers to carefully examine property for all home mortgages. Most Insurance companies require inspections of a property before they will even issue policies.


Home buyers, increasingly wary of rising repair costs and dropping property values, also hire inspectors in order to thoroughly investigate property before making a purchase.

5 Reasons to become a Residential Building Inspector

  • Everyone 18 and older is qualified to take the ICC B1 Residential Building Inspector Certification Exam.


  • No work experience is required.

  • The ICC B1 Residential Building Inspector  Certification is recognized across America!

  • Contractors or Real Estate professionals can easily make extra income by performing residential building inspections in any state in the US.


  • With our Residential Building Inspector preparation course, you will be thoroughly prepared to pass your ICC exam and receive your ICC Residential Building Inspector certification.

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As little as 10 years ago approximately 35% of all home mortgage loans required some form of inspection. It is now estimated that 90% of all federally-insured lending institutions require a complete inspection before granting any type of loans!

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